Gabe Newell says more Valve games are coming

Gabe Newell says more Valve games are coming

What to expect: Some gamers were disappointed to learn that the next Half-Life was VR-only, but the success of the game prompted the Wolves to make more games.

According to Chief Gable Newell, who recently commented on Cyberpunk 2077 in an interview.

Nevel, who has lived in New Zealand since the outbreak, spoke to 1 News. “We definitely have a game in development that we’re going to announce,” he said, “It’s fun to ship the game.”

‘Half-Life: Alex – Final Hours’, an interactive storybook written by Geoff Keiley, reveals how Valve works in several terminally closed games, including Half-Through 3 and Left 4 Dead 3. Under development, recommend watching them till the end.

“There is some good news for Valve’s single-player fans as well,” he said. Alex is great for coming back to the single-player game, which has given the company more momentum to do so. ”

Facing further questions about whether these future games could include Portal 3 or even Half-Life 3, Newell replied: “I haven’t been talking about those for a long time.” Doing and I hope until they talk about them. It’s a question of doubt, the good thing is that by not answering them, I keep the community from coming up with new, equally difficult questions. .

Valve’s founder also commented on Cyberpunk 2077, saying, there are hundreds of “very happy users” on Steam praising CD Projekt Red that “a lot of work” was brought to the project.

He said, “Every game developer has a lot of sympathy to face.” I know that there are a lot of gamers in the PC space who are very happy.

“Everyone knows that if you’re in business, your expectations are high, and if you do well, people will tell you, and if you can’t meet those expectations, they’ll let you know. Part. Why is it a fun industry? ”

Half-Life: Valve co-founded in New Zealand during the outbreak of COVID-19 after holidaying there after the launch of Elax.

“We definitely have games in development that we’re going to announce – this ship is fun for the game,” Nevel said of leaving Valve in the future. Valve has evolved and subsequently shut down – many games in the past (including several versions) Half-Life 3), the fact that Newell has exclusively announced these new games, from the company’s recent history Represent a change that does not allow new software release.

Newell also talked about the process of creating a half-life: Alix and Valve’s return to single-player, “Alix is ​​great for getting back into the single-player game, which has created a lot of momentum within the company Which are great. ”

Newell’s comments also suggest that the studio is single-energetic and eager to work on a single-player title, which makes sense considering the story of Half-Life: Alyx means we’ve Must have seen Gordon Freeman.

More (or hell, or maybe shell?) In the future, Half-Life: Alyx developer commented after the game’s arrival, more than one person told IGN that the team wanted to do more work on the game Half-Life, which Alyx ended did.

Valve released Half-Life: Alex in November 2019 and in March 2020. Newell describes that “about to announce these games” Valve may indicate that we may hear about them soon. This is in the news which is less positive than Valve. . The European Commission recently issued fines to companies for alleged “geo-blocking” allegations.

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